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Get A Swedish Social Security Number With Given Parameters

This is a Swedish Personal Identity Number validation tool, you can enter the appropriate value to get the verification results, for the convenience of use, the tool provides a generator, you can use the generator to test the results.

What is Swedish Personal Identity Number?

The Swedish personal identity number composed of 10 digits and a hyphen. The first 6 digits correspond to the person's birthdate, in YYMMDD format. They are followed by a hyphen, and four final digits. People over the age of 100 replace the hyphen with a plus sign. Among the four last digits, the first three are a serial number. The last digit of these three represents gender. An odd number is assigned to males and an even number to females. The last digit of SSN is the checksum which is calculated using Luhn algorithm.

SSN Generation and Validation?

The SSN Generator is designed to developers in need of randomly generated data for testing cases. The SSN validation validates the numbers pattern for a given state area code. Therefore, if a SSN passes this tool validation, it doesn't mean that it really exists, only that it's code, for the given pattern, is possible. This is the same validation that guarantees the basic authentication, of generated ssn's, for forms under development, as they merely checks for a possible pattern. Generated SSN's aren't real, and shouldn't be used on attempt of any illegal activity.